The Audition by Les Emmans
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Can be performed almost anywhere ...
... all you need is a piano.

"We had great fun with this production ... it was very well received ..."

"... it gave lots of people a chance to have a small part - something many have never done before - and I greatly enjoyed playing Marilyn."

Walkerville Musical Society

At the start of a new production the company sing, that 'It's Great To Be Back In The Same Old Team' as the Audition Committee finalises the casting of 'Madcap Madge' - a fondly remembered, but hardly earth-shattering musical revival. With a couple of characters already cast, the members have arrived either to audition, or to be a bit nosey and see who get the other available parts.

AmDram groups (allegedly!) have a reputation for allowing intriigues and romances to develop, and this group is no different. The producer fancies Pru, but as the 'leading lady' who usually gets the best parts, she has no need of his advances. Marilyn, on the other hand, tries to use her 'feminine charms' on Norman (the Chairman) to try and get the part of Madge. The ladies of the chorus are used to her 'prima donna' ways, and after a bit of a gossip ...

"She says she's thirty-two and a bit
But if I remember right
When I was a girl of seven or eight
She played the lead in 'Kiss Me Kate'

... they form a united front by singing 'All Girls Together'.

During the audition, the panel hear the singing and acting of Pru, Suki and Gilly (as do we). The producer pushes hard to get Pru the part, but with tempers fraying slightlly, the MD and the Treasurer jointly agree that Gilly is the better candidate. After some discussion the Chairman announces to the members that Gilly has indeed been successful, to (almost) universal approval.

'The Audition' is a short, simple musical to perform either as a festival or fund-raiser piece, or as a 'try-out' for new Directors or performers.

It has elements of G&S as well as music redolent of a 1950's 'end-of-the pier' show. Great fun to perform and great fun for an audience to watch. G&S societies might consider this as a novel alternative to 'Trial By Jury'.

Richard King - the producer, has designs on Prudence Pringle (Baritone)
Prudence Pringle - the Society's leading lady (Soprano)
Chairman (Norman) - nervous, hesitant, easily embarrassed (Comic Baritone)
MD - a typical AmDram, stands no-nonsense, musical director (Medium Voice, male or female)
John - plays 'Danny' in their musical production (Light Tenor)
Sally - plays 'Amy' (Mezzo)
Philip - plays 'Matt' (Baritone, popular style)
Marge - (Comic Mezzo)
Marilyn - desperately wants the leading role, will do anything to get it (Mezzo or Light Contralto)
Jane - the Treasurer (Contralto)
Suki - a young woman (Mezzo)
Gilly- another young woman, successful candidate, plays 'Madge' (Mezzo, popular style)
Supporting Cast
Harry - a member
A suitable number of male and female members of the chorus

(Click on a title to hear a Windows Media clip)
  1) What A Pretty Thing Richard
  2) Pru's Waltz Prudence
  3) Hello Again Chairman & Chorus
  4) It's Great To Be Back Richard & Chorus
  5) 'Rain Falls' Sally, Phillip & Chorus
  6) 'The Holiday Song'! MD, Marge & Chorus
  7) Danny's Song John
  8) Marilyn's Song Marilyn
  9) Seduction Song Marilyn & Chairman
10) Girls Gossip Song Gilly, Jane, Marge, Sally & Suki
11) All Girls Together Gilly, Jane, Marge, Sally & Suki
12) 'Don't Let The Magic Go Away' x 3 Prudence, Suki & Gilly
13) The Committee Quartet MD, Jane, Chairman & Richard?
14) 'Act Two. Finale' John, Gilly, Phillip, Sally & Chorus
15) Final Chorus Company

Duration : 45 mins
Acts : 1
: 4m, 7f,
Sets : 1
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