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Other large scale, large cast, musicals can be found under the main menu heading 'Musicals'

Arabian Nights
Enter Sheherazade's world of wondrous adventures in 'Arabian Nights', a full-length, two act musical for schools and youth groups, brimming with exciting songs,.It has wonderful principal and cameo roles and needs a large chorus to fill the stage with action. Written in 2005 for the Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre in Guildford, Surrey.
'When You're Ready ...' - 24 monologues for use by male and female teenagers as audition or exam pieces. The balance of modern idiom and period speech will appeal to all drama students.
The Deaf King
A short musical that studies the problems associated with deafness and how they may be overcome.
The Deaf King
looks in particular at the use of “signing”. The King of Dubbi Cassa is profoundly deaf which causes great difficulties to the people. They set about seeking to overcome the problems - happily solved by all learning to “speak with their hands and bodies”.
Unusual Nativity Musical
'Angel Squadron' is a very modern Nativity and tells the Christmas story from the point of view of the angels, who feature prominently throughout the story.

The author wanted to produce something that boys in particular could enjoy, and the style is something of a homage to the 'Battle of Britain' type films prevalent in the 1960s. It's a lot of fun but also very thought-provoking, covering as it does parts of the Christmas story that are often neglected in traditional ‘tea-towel’ Nativity plays.

The Razzle Dazzle Man
This musical is a two act,
end-of-term extravaganza
to interest, entertain and educate your students and parents. A modern re-working of the parable of the prodigal son combined with the seven deadly sins make this
rock and roll musical
a fantastic show to stage. The Razzle Dazzle Man is ideal for students aged 11-18.
KS2 & 3 Plays

Ragtime Band

A group of people is trying to exist on the Earth after a non-nuclear holocaust. Their memories and sense of humour help to sustain them, through what is probably the end of civilisation. 'Ragtime Band' can be used as the start of an ecological awareness campaign, or as reinforcement of the issues within existing studies. It has a clear message, starkly portraying a bleak, but not quite hopeless existence, written in an understandable and enjoyable way.

The Hard Yards

Danny finds it tough going at school in
'The Hard Yards'
of his teenage life, as he is forced to work out what is right and what is wrong, does drama have more appeal than rugby, and how to distinguish between love and sex.
Super KS2 & 3 Musicals

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot

1605 And All That! is a new two act satirical musical telling the story of the Gunpowder Plot as a black comedy (and almost a black pantomime in parts). The large cast is ideal for boys schools.


The legend of Dick Whittington, his cat and Bow Bells, has grown over the years, and as it makes such a lovely story, some of it is included in our "true story". Although not a pantomime, Whittington does include elements of the panto story. It was written as a result of a request for a one-act musical suitable for a largish junior school where all ages could take part and where rehearsal and preparation would not be too demanding.
KS4 Plays and Musicals

The Magdalen Whitewash

The haunting cruelty of institutionalised
life for pregnant
Irish girls
starkly portrayed
in The Magdalen Whitewash, a two act play by Valerie Goodwin. The play focusses on eight 'Maggies' and their attempts to survive and to escape.

Crazy Capers, Dodgy Deals

Your senior students will love to perform in 'Crazy Capers, Dodgy Deals', a 70's retro comedy musical about bungling burglars at a school reunion. Superb characterisations and great music. Dust off your hot pants and flairs!

Where You Going, Bobby Fortner?

Bobby, living in a small American town, discovers that illegal dumping of toxic chemicals is taking place in the local river, but nobody in the town seems to be interested - not even the Sheriff. In passing, he mentions it to his doctor who agrees to help Bobby find the culprits as the town's water supply is at risk. This play for young adults raises topics of the environment, collusion, teenage relationships and trust.
Long John Silver
Ha, ha ... Jim lad!Join Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins, Ben Gunn and the rest of the crew in this rollicking, salt-encrusted musical tale of buried gold and desert islands. The story is familiar, based on the RL Stevenson novel, but a few extra characters and the addition of some super music makes this Treasure Island! a magical musical to perform.
Space Fantasy Musical
Ideal for KS2/3 students, Star Crossed lets you to travel in space along with Ricky, Rocky, Princess Alena, the mysterious General Garth, and His Highness the Imperator Zaphon. It's a love story at heart, but has 'macho' roles as well, to interest your young male actors.
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