The Deaf King by Les Emmans
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... the result was a lively and colourful musical ... a six year old boy stole the show by using sign language for the deaf ...
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... This is an original work which is worth looking at ...
'The Music Teacher'
The King of a remote island has hearing difficulties which cause great problems for the people. They offer a great prize to whoever can succeed in helping their King. A strange mix of candidates try and fail, but success comes for a boy/girl who teaches the King to "sign".

Sometime in the past, the remote island of Dubbi Cassa had a King who had become profoundly deaf. This created problems for the people as it was their tradition that all important decisions had to be agreed and their grievances settled by the King. Affairs of state were getting very bad because nobody seemed able to communicate with him.

He was much loved so his courtiers and the people decided to look for someone who could help them. Some interesting people with even more interesting ideas answered their call and tried to improve the situation, but with no success.

At last a young boy (or girl) arrived who knew how to 'talk with his hands'. The King and all the people learnt this new language from him which they found to be great fun, and much to their joy they were able to converse with their King once more.

The Deaf King deals in a sympathetic, unusual and informative way with hearing disability and has been successfully performed many times by junior schools, senior schools and college groups. It offers an opportunity to discover and try out British Sign Language (BSL) which is the first language of around 50,000 people in the UK. The work is very flexible and has been used by a wide range of age groups in different ways including: a full staged production, a simple concert performance and a mimed performance with choir accompaniment.

Narrators 1 & 2 - speaking roles who tell the story as it unfolds (either sex)
The King - a grey haired old man, profoundly deaf. Non-speaking part, male
Chancellor - a small speaking part (either sex)
The Medicine Man - an African 'witch doctor'. Non-speaking part, male
The Woman From Wales - dressed in Welsh national costume. Has a small solo singing part
The Famous Rock Star - dressed in a typically outrageous style. Non-speaking part, male
The Electronics Expert - white lab coat and glasses. Non-speaking part (either sex)
The Small Boy (or Girl) - a non-speaking part
Court Trumpeters - a number of either real or miming trumpeters sounding a fanfare
Court Guards - a number of 'heavies' who remove the ineffectual visitors
Company - courtiers and citzens

  1) Song Of The Island of Dubbi Cassa Soloist 1 & Chorus
  2) The Medicine Man Soloist 2
  3) The Woman From Wales Soloist 3 & Woman From Wales 
  4) The Famous Rock Star Soloist 4 & Chorus
  5) The Electronics Expert # Soloist 5
  6) The Small Boy (or Girl) Soloist 6 (with 7 & 8 if sung as a 3 part round)
  7) Finale Entire Company

The solo parts above are suggestions. The songs could equally be sung by a small group or by a chorus if required. All the above extracts are from performances given by The Derby High School or Parkfield Cedars School, Derby, UK except for # which is an example of the backing tracks.

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Combined Script and Piano Score (Paperback, A4, 24 pages, 100g)
Schools may copy the words for the cast from this script.
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Backing Tracks CD
All the musical backing you need if you have no orchestra.
Price : 12.75      

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Duration : 25 mins
Acts : 1
: 1f, 3 m/f
: 3m, 2m/f
Sets : 1
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