Ragtime Band by Tony Layton
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It's Christmas Day, 2050. A group of people is trying to exist on what is left of the world after a non-nuclear holocaust. Their memories and sense of humour help to sustain them, mainly, through what is probably the end of civilisation. The basic human frailty of turning a blind eye towards impending doom is what has led to this dire situation.

However, their plight has not gone unnoticed by Vox, the official inspector of the galaxy, and Chippy, his robotic helper, who have come to record what we have done to the "garden". Vox is inspired by the spirit shown by the group and decides to give the human race a second chance. The garden is restored to its original splendour, but for how long?

The play explores a number of topics within its main theme of existence in a post-ecological disaster, including ...

  • noise pollution
  • population growth
  • global warming
  • the decreasing 'value' of politicians
  • destruction of the rain forests

... and is aimed at students in the 10-14 age range. It can be used as the start of an ecological awareness campaign, or as reinforcement of the issues within existing studies. It has a clear message, starkly portraying a bleak existence, written in an understandable and interesting way.

Author's Note : Although this play was originally conceived for a small cast it has been designed for the director to be flexible with cast size. The play was originally performed with a cast of 35, therefore, directors should use the names of characters simply as a guide and not to be adhered to rigidly.

Mog - a female survivor
Rod - a male survivor
Saki - a female survivor
Tucker - a male survivor
Vox - an alien visitor
Chippy - a robotic assistant to the alien visitor

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Duration : 105 mins
Acts : 2
Principals : 2m, 2f, 2m/f
Sets : 1
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Home / School Shows / Plays / Two Act / Ecology / Ragtime Band